Colonial and Early American Decor

Our Windsor chairs are unique because we build them as they would have been built two hundred years ago.

We use four different types of wood in the chair making process. Hickory spindles are very flexible, white oak when steamed bends well and provides structural integrity. Hard maple is used for turnings because it holds crisp edges while providing strength. Poplar or pine provides the seats with their thickness while remaining light weight.

We are very committed to detail when building our chairs. All joints are wedged or pinned; the bottoms are jack-planed and some have hand carved scrolls and knuckles. Our crackle and worn paint finishes provide a patina that gives the appearance of texture and age. Traditionally, early Windsors were painted due to the fact that so many different woods went into their construction.

Our Windsor chairs, like everything we build are examples of functional artistry.

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